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Congratulations & Welcome Graduates!

Dear APU/APIIT Graduate,

Your graduation is the culmination of all your hard work throughout your time with us. It is naturally your dream and at the same time a fulfillment of the hopes of your parents. All your effort and hard work, which you have persistently challenged yourself with, are now rewarded with this achievement. With the qualifications that you have earned, you will from now on be exposed to the outside world to practise whatever you have learned at APU in your field of expertise.

Your Graduation Ceremony is a solemn event bringing together societal, traditional values and a conventional recognition as practiced by most Universities all over the world.

This portal contains all the information that you need in order to make your Graduation a truly memorable occasion for yourself and your loved ones. Therefore, please thoroughly read and understand the guidelines provided, so as to ensure that the organizing team of staff are able to smoothly plan and execute all activities relating to your Graduation.

Have a great Graduation Ceremony!

Graduation Particulars

Pre - Graduation Procedure

1. Check fee statement and clear out all outstanding fees and fines.
2. Return all library books and clear library fines (if any).
3. Complete the survey form for Tracer Study and print out the survey slips
4. Bring along the printed tracer study slip during the robes collection day.